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The final cost of security services can be quoted solely in the course of negotiations, with allowance for all customer requirements.
The table contains basic approximate prices.

Basic approximate prices, rubles per hour
Hours on duty  
12 hours per day
24 hours per day
12 hours per day
24 hours per day
Security Bodyguard 
Security of property 
Security of property 
Unarmed security guard 550 500 190 170
Armed security guard 655 600 235 205
A dog trainer with a guard dog - 250 - 250

Conditions and prices for several security posts (for large, network customers) shall be agreed upon in each particular case on individual basis.

All security agencies in Moscow offer approximately the same prices. The price is determined by salary of security personnel, legality of work and taxes.
The security business is a stable income and development, rather than fast bucks.
Any cheap price offered means either nonprofessional employees, or tax evasion, and such company cannot be trusted.
The basis of choice is a trust to the security company and purchase of professionalism. Private Security Agency «Alfa-USB» will help to select a right security system.