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Safe conditions for business

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Safe conditions for business

Unfortunately, business security and safe business development standards in our country have not yet been widely recognized in business community. Businessmen frequently are not aware of the fact that a wealthy person is a potential target for criminals. Recently kidnapping of children of rich parents has become a frequent event. Let's try to understand the reasons.

The opinion exists that private security companies exaggerate threats to promote their security services. The criminal statistics says that security support is critical for big businessmen. Thus, nobody in the developed countries consider saving on their own security.

In Russia the security standards are still low. In our view this is matter for the government to attend to.

To build a county with developed legal system and to be able to ensure security of citizens, it is required to set up interaction between private security companies and governmental departments. Fortunately, the government recently recognized that the police alone cannot cope up with all threats, and inter alia, terrorism. To ensure efficient interaction between multiple structures, private security companies must think about a qualitative improvement of their personnel. In their turn, the citizens should consider both their personal security and security of their relatives in responsible manners.

Private security company «Alfa-USB» has been taking care of security of clients and their families for about 15 years. We are constantly developing and improving our performance. We are always open for dialogue and we stay waiting for letters from you with questions and recommendations.

Sincerely Yours, Alfa-USB management

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