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Security of villages

Security of villages

Security of villages is a recently emerged business for private security companies. guns Today’s security agencies are in a position to arrange security of villages on a high level. The quality of provided services directly depends on the proprietors and the operating company. Unfortunately, some customers tend to save on security technical facilities and video surveillance systems. In such instances private security companies are forced to curtail their services to fit the customer requirements and to state the possible risks in the contracts. We shall protect your homes with allowance for your preferences and possibilities!

Security of villages is a necessity. Many of them are located far from Moscow and district centers. Accordingly, in case of emergency the police will arrive with a long delay (owing to the big distance). On the other hand, the police have a lot of work to do, so a call from the village can be the last on the list for the local police department and hours may lapse before police arrives to the place of emergency. Villages attract attention of criminals as the living level of the owners of private houses is high enough and criminals can escape easily after the theft.

Security of villages may be divided into 3 levels.

Minimum level
The village area is fenced and a check-point is mounted on the entrance. Security guard stays on duty on the check point 24 hours per day controls the entry and exit of vehicles. As a rule, the security guard is not armed or is armed with special tools, such as a truncheon and a stun gun. This security level is cheap, though it is efficient solely in case of a big theft, when stolen property is taken away by truck or by car. Passing of people through the territory of the village is not regulated in any way. The territory is not patrolled and not monitored by video surveillance systems along the perimeter, so criminals can easily enter the territory of the village through the fence.

Medium level
Several security guards stay at a time on the territory. They patrol the territory and the perimeter of the village 24 hours per day. Response to emergency is possible by calls from the tenants or their neighbors. Control of exiting and entering vehicles is maintained in mandatory manner.

Reinforced security level
Special equipment is mounted to monitor the village perimeter, video surveillance of streets and driveways inside the perimeter, and the check point area. Armed security guards are on duty, there is an option for the alarm system control panel installed on the central security panel. Dog trainers are also available and can be used especially at night.

A decision on security of the village is taken by proprietors of residential properties at a general meeting, or by the managing company. Sometimes situations occur, when the tenants are not happy with the services level of the quality of the village security. Then the proprietors may enter an additional contract with PSC for upgrade of security of their cottages or may organize additional security of their houses through other security agency. In such instances it is important to ensure that the heads of the two agencies shall agreed between themselves on sharing of responsibilities and tasks assigned, on conditions of interaction in emergencies. Appropriate job description for security activities must be drafted for security personnel on duty. Unless the interests of the security companies are in conflict with each other (for example when a private security company attempts to get under “its control” the property, for which the other security company is responsible), their interaction is efficient.
In some villages they use mounted patrols or patrols on bicycles. Each of them has its own specific features. A patrol on bicycle is efficient in a warm season, while mounted patrol requires high costs to maintain the patrol in constant-ready status. The same efficiency of security can be achieved when using ordinary off-road cars for patrolling, especially if security issues have been taken into account in the village design.

Security tasks::
- Maintenance of public order;
- Maintenance of check-point operation mode;
- Control and suppression of offences according to the charter, protocol, regulations of the village, both from the side of the village tenants, and visitors;
- Maintaining safety of the owners’ property and prevention of illegal entry to the village area;
- close surveillance in non-standard situations (execution of construction work, loading-unloading of furniture, personal belongings). Security personnel must always have telephone numbers of the owner and/or authorized representatives, whom they shall advise in non-standard situations, and those, who are described in the instruction (for example, visits of the house by guests);
- assisting in work of police, providing video surveillance records, log-books for recording of passing vehicles without entry to the secured areas;
- assistance in organizations of the safe detour of the place of incident, assistance to motor licensing and inspection department officers in case of a road accident occurring on the secured area.

For a small village of 40-50 houses it is required to have four security guards. The minimal number of armed guards per shift on duty is two persons. At least one guard must carry fire-arms. It is even better, when all guards carry special tools and traumatic weapon. A special security guard with dog trainer qualifications and with a guard dog is on duty at night.