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Protection of property

Protection of property

If you own a real estate and especially commercial property, outside camerathen sooner or later you will have to start thinking about reliable security of your property. In each case we take individual approach to the issue of security of property, taking into account the need to maintain law and order, possible terrorist threats and raider attacks. Therefore, we carefully study the business-strategy of the proprietor, we identify potential risks, we conduct audit of security and solely after that we determine the only correct scheme for security of property. We provide armed and unarmed guards, depending on specifics of use and location of property. All employees are well trained to appropriate standards; they can provide first aid in emergency and interact with FSB, Ministry of Emergency Measures and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A security scheme for a property in question depends on many factors. A brief review of property shall be conducted for the following positions:

Tasks for the security service:

  • Prevention of non-authorized entry to the secured territory;
  • Prevention of non-authorized access to the office premises;
  • Protection of the law and order and protection against wrongful acts on the assigned area;
  • Protection against commercial espionage;
  • Protection of a life and health of staff and visitors on the facility area;
  • Protection of normal functioning of life-support systems on the facility and their trouble-free operation; 
  • Safety of employees and their property at the working place.

Schemes of organization and required activities performed on the secured area:

  1. Engineering & technical strengthening of the facility.
  2. Burglar alarm and warning system.
  3. Physical guarding.
  4. Trained dogs with dog instructor.
  5. System and protocol of control of compliance with the instructions for security activities.
  6. Timely strengthening of physical guarding, including promptly engaged law enforcement authorities in case of big-scale scheduled action.

To ensure efficient security the proprietor should have the following rules in place and followed in the entity operations:

  • Instructions of officers;
  • The list of protected persons;
  • Schemes of conduct to be followed in case of attempts made to enter the facility by force;
  • A prohibition to remove keys, passes, electronic carriers, which can be copied, from the secured territory;
  • general regulations of the facility, for movement and storage of valuable assets, documents and information for all employees;
  • zoning of the facility by access rights.
Grouping of facilities by isolation level.

By isolation level all facilities can be distributed into 3 groups. The first group includes the facilities that make a part of the building. The second group includes detached buildings or isolated buildings. The third group includes a building or a group of buildings with adjoining area.
Classification of properties by their importance and consequences from criminal encroachment on them.

In terms of importance and concentration of material, art, historical, cultural and cult assets placed on a given facility and in terms of consequences from possible criminal encroachments on them, all facilities, their rooms and areas are subdivided into the following two groups (categories): A and B. Owing to the highly diversified facilities existing in each group they are further subdivided into the following two subgroups: АI and АII, BI and BII (“Design Requirements and Standards for protection of Property Against Criminal Encroachments” RD 78.36.003-2002). 
АI and АII Subgroups include critical facilities and Facilities with increased levels of hazard and with particularly high level of life-support relevance on which criminal acts, if committed, as provided for in the criminal law of the Russian Federation, may result in a big, particularly big economic or social damage to the state, society, enterprise or environment.

Facilities referred to AI subgroup:

Critical facilities, facilities with high levels of hazards and life-support facilities, which are included into the List of the facilities protected by the Government, under the Order issued by the Government of the Russian Federation of August 14, 1992 under No. 587; 
facilities referred by the authorities of the RF subjects or by the local administration authorities to the lists of critical facilities, highly hazardous facilities and life support facilities; 
facilities for production, storage and sale of narcotic substances, violent poisons and chemicals, toxic and psychotropic substances and preparations (storage facilities of drugstore departments, medical reserve warehouses, scientific, medical and other establishments, establishments in which practice these substances are used);
jeweler shops, jeweler depots, warehouses and other facilities, which use in their operations jewels, precious metals and stones;
facilities and premises for storage of weapons and ammunition, radioisotope substances and preparations, antiques, items of art and culture;
lending and financial facilities (banks, cash desks operating outside of the bank unit, additional offices, exchange desks, cash dispenser);
cash departments of enterprises, organizations, establishments, central cash departments of major trading enterprises;
strong rooms intended for cash custody, custody of jewels, precious metals and stones;
Other similar facilities and property complexes.

Facilities referred to subgroup АII (special premises of highly critical facilities and facilities with especially high hazard levels):
storehouses and storage rooms for cash and foreign currency and securities; 
storage facilities for jewels, precious metals and stones;
storage room for confidential documentation;
special storage facilities for explosives, poisonous, bacteriological, toxic and psychotropic substances and preparations;
special stock storage houses of museums and libraries.
BI and BII subgroups include facilities with stored items, which theft, as provided for in the criminal laws of the Russian Federation, may result in a loss equivalent to 500 minimal statutory wages and greater.

Facilities referred to BI subgroup:

Facilities with stored or placed items of engineering, sanitary-and-hygienic and household purposes, specifications and technical documentation, inventory and other property;
Cash&carry and retail outlets (pavilions, kiosks and other similar facilities).

Facilities referred to BII subgroup:
Facilities for merchandise storage and placement, articles of prime necessity, foodstuffs, computer equipment, office equipment, video and audio equipment, film equipment and photographic cameras, natural and artificial furs, leather items, cars and spare parts to them, alcoholic beverages with ethanol content over 13 % of the finished goods volume and other similar property.

Facilities, which are not included into the lists, shall be classified by reference to a closest analogue with allowance for possible risk and loss owing to criminal encroachment on them.

Safety is always interaction between a proprietor of property and security service security service.
A properly organized security of property is a multilevel range of activities targeted to save property, health and life of people.