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Bodyguard services

Bodyguard services

Do you consider bodyguard services? Do not give too much thinking to it. carsCustomer awareness of the importance and necessity of bodyguard services is one of the key components of successful cooperation. Bodyguard services imply a group of bodyguards assigned to the protected person and working by shifts. They passed adequate training, and spiritually and physically they are prepared for emergencies, able to render first aid and interact with FSB, Ministry of Emergency Measures, and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The number of personnel and support cars will depend on the tasks to be resolved by the agency.

Since the time immemorial people always took care of their security. This profession prospered under various names, the rules and schemes of security work changed from time to time, but the purpose of the job remained unchanged: protection of human life.
The core task in the bodyguard service is selection and training of security personnel, and we stay closely focused on this task. Employees can and must be trained both from scratch level and professionals with proven record can be hired as well. It is essential to correctly select a proper security guard for a particular job. The principle that works here is the same as in playing chess – a player has always to consider several combinations to be able to win the game. Unfortunately, efficient security service is costly and is not affordable for every wealthy person. Many people prefer “half measures” or the so-called “image” body guard service. Such service is employed in situations, where in the client's view, his or her status requires security but the client is short of funds to pay for comprehensive security or lacks understanding of what sort of security it should be. Therefore, the image security is an illusion of security, and first of all, the illusion for the “protected” person.
People, who are exposed to security risks, differ in their views on the bodyguard service: “I don't need bodyguards, they cannot save my life anyway”, “I will better hire a couple of big guys for image security, and no unwanted persons will approach me”.
Other people organize their security in accordance with their business profile, their particular situation and recommendations of experts.

There are 5 levels of bodyguard service organization. Each scheme differs from the previous one by its possibility to resolve the tasks that cannot be resolved at the previous level.

Level 1. One person, one vehicle.
Such scheme of security makes it possible to feel comfortable in megacity conditions. Hooligans, drunkards, beggars, aggressive drivers -all of them pose a threat and in such situations a security guard will not be excessive measure as such situations may arise any time.
Security is more efficient, where a security guard performs solely his assigned functions rather than shares them with driver functions. A driver with bodyguard functions is sometimes hired for cost saving considerations. Such security guard is normally sufficient in day-to-day conflict situations arising in urban environment.

Level 2. Two persons and one vehicle. A driver with security guard functions and a personal bodyguard.
Apart from everyday conflicts, additional tasks can be resolved: the vehicle is always under control of the driver so a bomb planting risk is mitigated. The driver informs the bodyguard about situations arising around the vehicle and staying near the exit from the building he can request the bodyguard to stay on post for a time in case of alarming situation arising near the car or near the place of exit of the protected person. The vehicle with the driver can always approach closer to the client thereby reducing the time of the client staying on unprotected area. In case of a serious threat arising the driver with security guard functions will alert the bodyguard to intensify his efforts for the protected person security.

Level 3. From four to six persons, two vehicles, including the head and the support vehicle.
In terms of price/quality ratio this an optimum option. In the street the client is escorted by two or four guards, indoors by one or two persons, and one or two guards stay at the entrance, depending on the number of security guards hired. Drivers with security guards functions should always stay close to or inside the vehicles. Such security scheme eliminates the key risks for life and health of the client and at the same time it is not too costly. It is necessary to understand that such security level is not a fancy, so the family members should be protected as well.

Level 4. The scheme of security is changed.
The client arrives to the already prepared place. Just a few minutes before the client’s arrival the head monitoring group of two or three persons arrives to examine the area of the client visit, the adjoining area and takes positions on the strategic points to observe the area and to take the necessary response actions. The other steps are the same as provided for level 3.

Level 5. Use of the set of additional measures.
Much depends on the location, in which the security services are provided, on the situation in the area, in the country and on the client's social status. At this level additional actions shall be taken for identifying snipers and planted bombs, as well as actions to be taken against the technical facilities of the potential opponent. If the client is planning to visit places outside the megacity, it is possible to organize observation from the aircraft over a crowd of people or vehicles staying in proximity to the protected person, and to block the planned routing. Surveillance experts are also engaged to stay far from the protected person or near other exits from the buildings.


The head vehicle, in which the protected person stays, is a S-class large car. If the life threat level is high for the client, the car should be armored in accordance with the selected protection class. The armor plates for special cars for transportation of people and valuable cargoes are regulated by GOST Р50963-96. S-class cars imply first of all, personal security for passengers in case of an accident (a casual or provoked), because such class vehicles guarantee maximum protection for the passengers in accidents.
The escort car should be a cross country vehicle. The second vehicle is used for evacuation in case of emergency. The necessity in using cross country vehicles is determined by the several factors. The driver and the security personnel seats are positioned higher than in sedan car and they can better observe the situation around. They inform the security officer about the developing situation so that a correct decision can be taken. The horse power of such cross country vehicle enables it to stay always close to the head vehicle. It is desirable that the cross country vehicle be of a framed design as frequently in case of evacuation it is used as a ram or a protection against collision of the head car with other cars. In emergency it is used as a tow car for evacuating the protected VIP person from the place of the accident, so its horsepower and speed should be at least the same as that of the head car. If the head car is armored then the escort car must be armored as well. Sometimes big vans are used for this purpose, such as GMC Savanna, Chevrolet Express, etc. This choice is determined by extra tasks to be resolved by the security team.
It is important that the client must follow the instructions and withhold from giving unnecessary instructions and orders to the security personnel because such orders and instructions make it difficult for the security personnel to stay focused on their job. Professional security guards will not tolerate such situation, when their client bothers them and will immediately inform their management about violation of the rules. Appearance and training of security personnel plays a key role in success of the whole action. It is worth noting that professional work of security personnel inspires respect rather than irritation. The acts and appearance of security guards must be indicative that these are the people who work professionally and have nothing in common with the "red-necked brothers" of the early 90-s. It is erroneous to think that security management prefers to hire basketball players. Such employees are used to press back a crowd of people, and it is easier for them to keep a visual observation. To add to that, they are physically, tactically and morally more swiftly respond to the situation.

Our agency employs staff with various physical abilities, proceeding from a particular situation and with allowance for the profile of the protected person. In many respects the occupation of the client is the key factor here. The cost of security depends on the business profile or activity of the protected person and on a particular mode such activity has to be carried out. Certain situations exist when it is required to camouflage the security personnel, to make them barely visible for surrounding people. In such situations it is important to be inconspicuous, to be able to timely evaluate the threat and to take counteraction measures. In such situations female bodyguards are used. For example, public figures or politicians frequently use this option.
A professional security guard is not merely physically strong person, who is paid for his staying near the protected person. Basic training of the bodyguard includes the following key disciplines:

  • physical training;
  • fire arms using;
  • emergency car driving;
  • psychological training;
  • negotiating in dangerous situations;
  • tactical and special training;
  • legal training;
  • medical training;
  • planning and strategy of security support;
  • operative and technical training.

There are people, who within the framework of their official duties need bodyguards. These are public figures and politicians, owners of big and medium-sized business, persons having individual access to assets and information connected with development of business and big cash flows.

We shall be glad to respond to your questions about organization of bodyguard service and we shall assist in organizing it correctly. We shall consult you at no cost.