Alfa USB. private security company
Alfa USB


Armed bodyguard services. Security of property

Alfa-USB Agency has been operating  in the security services market for over 15 years. During this period we developed new technologies in bodyguard and security services for major companies with multiple ownership and incorporation forms. 

Information, technical and armed force support are the core aspects of security in today’s world. For successful and efficient performance it is required to organize interaction with special services and governmental authorities. Our experience and contacts accumulated for over 15 years enable us to prepare individual security programs for our clients with allowance for possible threats and risks associated with each particular client's business profile.

Our agency provides support in the issues of settlement of debts, for protection against raider attacks, in prevention of theft and in control of staff. When we talk about security we must not forget about preventive actions. To reduce possible risks to a minimum level, investors and lending institutions before financing any project, use our services for verification the business reputation of prospective business partners.

We are always open for cooperation despite the closed nature of our business.